Best Degrees to Get For a High Salary

Best Degrees to Get For a High Salary

Choosing the right bachelor’s degree can mean the difference between a great salary and paying off your student loans. While STEM-related majors like math and science often make the top starting salaries, some fields are not so well-known and don’t offer the same high starting salaries. For example, arts majors and teaching majors are generally not considered to be high-paying majors.

STEM-related fields dominate the list of highest starting salaries

STEM-related fields, such as computer science, engineering, and mathematics, are growing in importance and potential, and are set to generate more jobs in the next decades. Because of this, these careers often pay more than other occupations – and are also good for the economy. According to a recent study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 93 percent of STEM occupations paid well above the national average. The top earners included petroleum engineers, architectural engineers, computer engineers, and physicists.

Despite the recent increase in wages in the STEM field, jobs related to the fields are not necessarily guaranteed to be financially secure. As a result, students pursuing a STEM major should understand that it is not always a guarantee of financial security. Moreover, there are certain fields, such as petroleum engineering, where demand and supply cycles are tied to oil prices. While these fields can offer high salaries, they also have high levels of competition.

In spite of their high salaries, STEM workers are still underrepresented. While men and women hold nearly equal numbers of STEM-related jobs, women are less likely to pursue these careers. As a result, women’s representation in STEM fields has declined in recent years. Despite this decline, women are still making up only about 4% of early-career STEM doctorates. The lack of representation becomes even worse in higher leadership positions.

While the STEM workforce is growing, the fields themselves are changing rapidly. Some STEM jobs were not even in existence a few years ago. Others were combined or had their job functions taken over by others. This rapid change will continue to happen as technology advances. The ability to adapt to these changes will be critical to your career success.

Business majors

If you are considering pursuing a degree in business, it is important to understand the salary potential of different majors. Business degrees are flexible and prepare graduates for a variety of careers. The salaries of business majors range from average to above-average. The salary potential of business majors depends on their field of specialization.

A business degree in accounting is considered the most lucrative. This is because accounting professionals earn an average salary of $74,000 a year. Some earn as much as $130,000. Other jobs with high salaries include labor relations managers and government labor managers. There are also many job opportunities within this field. While accounting is the most common degree, there are many other lucrative majors in the business world.

Many people choose a business major for its versatility. A business degree can lead to a lifetime of success. Many programs are available online, so you can complete your degree despite your busy schedule. A bachelor’s degree in business can be a good start toward a lucrative career. The salary potential of a business major will depend on the field of specialization, region of employment, and other factors.

Business majors with a focus on international business can have numerous career options. The number of positions available for international business majors is growing by 8% over the next decade. They can work for multinational corporations, community organizations, or even start their own business. For example, foreign exchange traders earn an average annual salary of $84,190.

Computer science majors

Salary data for computer science majors vary according to industry, location, and company size. The highest average salary goes to those working for large tech companies such as Apple and Adobe, with salaries averaging $142,747 annually. However, salaries in smaller companies are often lower. Many small companies do not have an entire IT department, so employees may only fill one or two roles, such as CTO.

Computer science majors are in high demand for jobs in all fields, and the average salary for this career field is well above the national average. Some computer scientists earn six-figure salaries. The field is also in high demand in many industries, including cybersecurity and machine learning, which make it a rewarding field. Many computer scientists will be involved in the design and implementation of automation tools.

While computer science majors may start with an average salary of $60,000, they can expect to earn up to $120,000 within four to five years. With experience, salary levels can rise even higher. For instance, software development directors earn as much as $160,000 a year. Likewise, video game directors can make up to $182,000 annually.

For those who are interested in a career in computer science, a bachelor’s degree is the best place to begin. There are many opportunities to network with industry professionals and get involved in open source projects. In addition, boot camps help you specialize in particular skills. Moreover, networking is an excellent way to get jobs and find out about open positions faster than by simply using job boards.

Computer science majors can pursue careers in all types of industries. They can work as designers, developers, and systems analysts. Some can even go on to hold management positions. These positions pay well and require more responsibility. However, the most common job opportunities for graduates are in software engineering and java development. These positions typically earn between $89,000 and $95,000 annually.

Political economy majors

A Bachelor’s degree in Political Economy prepares students for a variety of careers. The program focuses on the interplay between economics and politics in public policy and includes courses in microeconomics, macroeconomics, political theory, and comparative political economy. Students also learn about government policy and quantitative methods. Approximately 51% of Political Economy majors are male and 292 students graduate with a Bachelor’s degree. Graduates in this field have an average salary of $44,500.

The salary potential for political economy majors is excellent, although job growth is slower than the national average. Political science majors can expect to earn a median salary of $59,000 a year, with the top 10% making more than $110,000. In addition to salary, many of these positions require advanced degrees, including a master’s degree in statistics and research.

A Bachelor’s degree in political science will provide graduates with the necessary communication skills to work in a wide variety of organizations, from private firms to political organizations. It will also help students engage in current social issues and develop comprehensive strategies to address them. This can include studying political theory and conducting surveys to gather information.

A bachelor’s degree in political science can be a stepping stone to graduate study in social sciences and law. Many students who pursue a master’s degree in political science also hope to work in the public sector. The higher educational requirements and higher salary associated with higher levels of education make pursuing a master’s degree worthwhile. The field of political science is very diverse. There are countless career opportunities after graduation. Students studying this field develop skills in analysis, writing, and research. These skills translate into many jobs in the public sector.